Regional Workshops:  Spring 2020

“Focus on the Customer” 

The following Lessons will be included:
  • Lesson 1 - Building a Customer - Focused School Nutrition Program
    • Identify the primary customer of the school nutrition programs.
    • Identify the key to customer satisfaction and effective programs.
  • Lesson 2 - Know the Customer
    • Identify the needs and wants of the customers.
    • Identify factors or groups that influence customers’ eating habits.
  • Lesson 3 - Customer Service is Key 
    • Identify the key factors essential for customer service.
    • Identify the core customer service principals.
  • Lesson 4 - Responsibility for Customer Service 
    • Describe the relationship between a healthy and customer-friendly school nutrition environment (SNE) and customer service.
    • Identify the characteristics and six components of a healthy SNE.
    • Identify members of the customer service team (CST) and their responsibilities for achieving a healthy and customer-friendly SNE.
    • Discuss three reasons for sharing responsibility for managing customer service with the CST.
  • Lesson 5 - Rate your Customer Service 
    • Explain the purpose for and importance of assessing the effectiveness of customer service.
    • List specific factors to measure in order to assess customer service and customer satisfaction.
    • Identify tools and strategies to use in assessing the effectiveness of customer service.

Spring 2020 Dates and Locations 

Region 1                March 12, 2020            3:30 – 7:00pm  CST            TRAINER - Pat Dwyer                               

Hobart HS (School City of Hobart)     2211 E.Tenth St., Hobart, IN 46342  (Door #1: Park in front of the building)

Contact:  Nancy Smith     Email address: [email protected]     

Region 2                March 11, 2020           3:30 – 7:00pm               TRAINER - Pat Dwyer

NorthWood Middle School (WaNee Comm. Schools)    301 N.Elkhart St., Wakarusa, IN 46573  (Enter at Door 10&11-west side of school)

Contact:  Sheila Cripe     Email address: [email protected]     Phone#:  574-862-2710

Region 3                March 10, 2020           3:30 – 7:00pm               TRAINER - Pat Dwyer

Cedar Canyon Elementary (Northwest Allen Co. Schools)     15011 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne  (Door #5)

Contact: Cathy Hart     Email address:  [email protected]     Phone#:  260-637-6101

Region 4                March 5, 2020          3:30 – 7:00pm               TRAINER - Marlon Gordon and Pat Dwyer 

Plainfield Community Schools Admin Building     985 Longfellow Dr., Plainfield, IN 46168     (Door #2)

Contact:  Kelly Collins     Email address:  [email protected]     Phone #: 317-839-2578

Region 5                March 4, 2020           3:45 – 7:00pm               TRAINER - Tarrah Westercamp, RD

Creekside Middle School (Carmel Clay Schools)     3525 W. 126th Street, Carmel, IN  

Contact:  Jennifer McFarland    Email address:  [email protected]     Phone#:  317-844-9961 ext. 1044 

Region 6                March 3, 2020           3:30 – 7:00pm               TRAINER - Shenae Rowe, RDN

Yorktown High School     1100 S Tiger Drive, Yorktown, IN 47396  (Door #6  Park in the south parking lot off of Tiger court side)

Contact:  Penny Garrett     Email address:  [email protected]      Phone#:  765-759-2592

 Region 7               February 25, 2020                    3:30 – 7:00pm             TRAINER - Tarrah Westercamp, RD 

Decatur Elementary Learning Center (MSD of Decatur Twp)     5650 Mann Road, Indianapolis, IN 46221  (Door #14) Guests may park on the northwest side of the building 

Contact:  Abby Butler     Email address: [email protected]     Phone#:  317-840-2872 

Region 8                February 26, 2020                   3:30-7:00pm   CST          TRAINER - Shenae Rowe, RDN         

Southern Indiana Career & Technical Institute     1901 Lynch Rd, Evansville, IN 47711  (Door #1)

Contact:  Nora Burgess     Email address:  [email protected]     Phone#:  812-435-0523

 Region 9              February 27, 2020                    3:30-7:00pm                   TRAINER - Shenae Rowe, RDN            

Brown County Junior High School    95 School House Lane, Nashvville, IN 47448  (Door #1) Guests may park is on the South side of the building 

Contact:  Jason Kirchhofer     Email address:  [email protected]     Phone#:  812-988-5423

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